I have always had a problem with coffee.

There never seems to be a blend that is just right.

All of the ones I have tried are too creamy, to caramely, too bitter, the list goes on.

But one day, as I was bumbling around the supermarket, trying to remember my shopping list that I had stupidly left at home, I stumbled upon the last kind of a dark brown bag labeled ‘Ground Coffee, The Best Of The Best’.

At first it meant nothing to me, do you know how many times I’ve tasted crummy coffee that says it is the best in the world?

I don’t know why, but I decided that maybe I should give it a try, just to see if I liked it.

I trudged back home in the crisp air.

When I arrived at my small apartment, I shuffled my feet into my worn out slippers, and headed to the kitchen.

When I got to the kitchen, I clumsily made a cup of coffee, and poured it into my favourite pink ceramic mug.

I reached into my cookie jar, and pulled out a plump chocolate chip cookie.

Then I took the coffee and cookie, and sat down.

I lifted the mug to my mouth, and took a sip.

I have to say, it was INCREDIBLE!

It was a small sip, but in that small sip, there was an explosion of different tastes and flavours!

I stood up, my brain confused and happy.

Suddenly, my hands clutched the cup, and started to gulp it down like there was no one watching.

Actually, there was no one watching except for my cat, Lord Fluffy.

And ever since then, I’ve been having a mug of it every day.

Until today.

When I came into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee, I tipped the bag of grounds upside down, but nothing came out!

Again I shook the bag, but still nothing came out!

I looked into the bag, and saw to my horror, that their was no more coffee in the bag!

Still in my pyjamas, I dashed out of my apartment and ran to the supermarket.

When I got their, I was greeted by a young lady who worked at the cash register, but I had no time to chat.

I ran lighting fast to the coffee isle, and found the place were I had bought the coffee last time, but on closer inspection, I noticed a sign that said, ‘Out Of Stock! No More Suppliers! Gone Forever!’

I dropped to my knees and started balling right in the middle of the tile flooring.

My coffee was gone!

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