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He waited to meet his doom….


She is here.

The Hole In The Roof

He could barley buy a candy bar with this money, let alone fix the roof.

Circus Clowns

What an odd thing they are, circus clowns.

The Disco Dance

I shuffled awkwardly into a disco flooded with people ready to dance the night away. Everywhere I looked, groups of enthusiastic dancers were showing off their best moves on the shiny dance floor. Sighing, I scanned the room for a quiet corner of the room I could stand in alone, but then, I felt a light tapping on my shoulder. I spun around, and … Read More The Disco Dance

The Sailor

He was once a happy bloke, now those days are gone.

The Toys That Came Alive

Original Short Story By Sofia,
Tasmania 2020


Original Short Story By Sofia,
Tasmania 2020


Such glory can only be found in a flower. From the smoothness of the petals to the sweet fragrance it wafts around it, surely flowers are the main joy of nature. It’s stem a luscious emerald green, it’s petals an array of colour, and it’s sun yellow centre attracting bee’s by the dozen. All the earths inhabitants take great pleasure in smelling the wonderful … Read More Flowers


Beauty is not so much outward than it is inward. Someones face may look like a doll, but their personality may look like a witch. Beauty isn’t lining people up and deciding who’s complexion is smoothest, it’s knowing that even if there is someone more outwardly beautiful than that person, it’s their personality that makes them truly beautiful.

Dance (A Poem)

Original Short Poem By Sofia,
Tasmania 2020

Crucifix Hater

Original Short Story By Sofia,
Tasmania, 2020

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