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A frail old man sat on a bench, motionless……

My Dog

That’s my dog….

The cow waited for the bus, while others made a fuss……..

The year 2790

The earth was corrupted….

The night sky was the colour of tar…..

A young girl stood at the edge of a lake, transfixed….

City Noise Everyone moving Around you City Noise Everyone talking Around you City Silence All alone In this world Silence

Close your eyes and listen…..

Roman Times

When I open my eyes, an instant uneasiness fills me. I turn to the world known coliseum only to look away again to spare my eyes from the blood and gory. A shiver runs down my spine as the sound of shrieks and bellows from the gladiator fans reverberate through my mind. The smell of exquisite wines and breads waft down from houses with … Read More Roman Times

Emptiness Slam Poem

Emptiness, it surrounds you….

In the middle of a field, stood a tree. It was full of life, yet dead. It was fruitful, yet bore no fruit. This may not make any sense to ones mind; how can something be alive and dead? And how can something have and not have fruit at the same time? Well, this is why. Half of the tree was glorious, speckled with … Read More


“Drop, drip, drop” they go as they trickle down your blotchy cheeks. Salty like the ocean, they dampen your face, filling you with an overwhelming sensation. Closing your eyes, you can feel every twist and turn of them as they slide down your face, seeping into your mouth, letting out their distinctive salty taste. Tears let out anger, sorrow or joy. Tears will always … Read More Tears

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