I have a hair bow, that makes my hair look fabulous.

This may sound confusing, but when I say it makes my hair fabulous, I don’t just mean it is a pretty bow, I mean that it DOES my hair FOR ME.

I just drop the bow on my head, and in a quick few movements, my hair is ready!

It is a very confusing thing, very useful.

Before I bought my bow, I could barely scrape my hair into a decent ponytail!

But now, thanks to my magical bow, I can do anything.

This week, my hair was flawless everyday.

On Monday I had a long braid, going down my back.

On Tuesday, my hair was swept up into a sleek ponytail, and my bangs were kept out of the way with my favourite glittery, rainbow headband.

And on Thursday, I sported a loose bun.

Whenever it’s Friday, I like to have my hair down, and hold up my bangs with a few of my butterfly hair clips.

Normally I wouldn’t wear hair clips while my hair is down, but I started to do it a few weeks ago, when my teacher, Miss. Humphrey said, “Jemima! You look like a criminal with those bangs shielding your eyes! Go get them out of your face, or you’ll be very sorry!”

Miss Humphrey is no fun.

She has no sense of humour, and more then anything she hates hair in people’s eyes.

It is 8:25 in the morning, and I’m supposed to be walking to school, but I have a problem.

When I finished doing my hair, I went to look in the mirror, I was ShOCKED.

My hair was messily scraped into a ponytail, just like I used to do them. This is really bad, I can’t go to school looking like this.

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