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I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to add any blog posts! I was otherwise engaged in a thing that happened and is still happening, but thankfully, I am now able to continue posting!!! I also wanted to thank you guys for all your support. I REALLY appreciate every thing you do, it really adds to my happiness, and I hope that some of my posts add to your happiness! Wishing you all a great day,



The day is an endless assault of division and spelling.

My weary mind slaves away, writing word after word, thinking of answer after answer.

Voices drone on, while I struggle to string together words to form a sentence.

Craning my neck, I look up at the ticking clock that hangs proudly on the white wall.

3, 2, 1..

A dull ring echoes through the building, signalling the end of a hard day.

Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I drag my feet to the door.

Relaxation, here I come.

Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe, but….


This is an exiting time for all of us, we can start new things, end bad things, and meet new people, as well as a million other things! I hope that you have a great year this year, and I hope I have one too!

Happy New Year!



Deeper I go, wallowing where no one hears you.

The ground is unstable, its dark folds are enveloping me.

My footing warps again, leading me to another passage, a passage of self-pity, a passage of doubt.

Round a corner of sniffling people, stuck in their miserable worlds, through a corridor of people who grope for your comfort.

I’ve had long enough of wandering endlessly through depression, I’ve had long enough of waiting for an answer.

I’m going to end this now.

So many ways.

So many ways to end this.

The bridge stands there.

It stands tall and proud, looking out over a dark, wave filled sea.

A sea with no mercy.

A sea with no heart.

My fingers clutch at the rail, while my head spins round and round.

I’ve had enough.


I’m standing.

Balancing precariously on the bridges edge, teetering back and forth.

Every noise is blocked out.

I close my eyes, relax my body, my muscles.

It’s done.

The sea and it’s darkness come closer to me, they come nearer.

I’m almost gone.

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

The crisp air whips my face, beating it again and again.

I stop.

Mid-air, supposed to be falling, my body defies gravity.

My eyes snap open.

A glowing light breaks my fall.

A glowing light like no other.

It’s brighter, whiter, stronger.

My mind rushes.

What am I doing?

Why am I here?

What have I done?

Why is my life so close to ending?

The glowing light lifts me up.

It places me back on the bridge, where my fingers grip at the rail.

The glow is gone.

I breath slowly.

I’m okay.

I can start over.

No more destructive thoughts.

No more wandering endlessly, trying to find an answer.

I’m going to start living.

Not scraping by, living.

I am alive.

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys!

MERRY CHRISTMAS🎅🏼!!!! I can’t believe that it’s already Christmas in 2020! I hope that wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you’re doing today will be extra special in every way🤩! This year for Christmas, I will be spending time with my family and people I love🙂! Ok, ok, I’ll also most likely be ripping open gifts like a crazed hyena😉, as well as sipping cocoa while being warmed by my fire. However, I can’t do the last thing, because I don’t have a fire! What about you? What are you doing for Christmas 2020? If you like, write what you’ll be doing in the comments below; I would love to hear from you! Once again,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!⛄️❄️🎁🎅🏼🤶🏼🧤🧣

The Christmas Tree

Delicate ornaments hang gracefully from the trees branches.

The sweet aroma of pine leaves fill the air.

Gifts lay beautifully wrapped underneath it, filling people with excitement to rip them open.

Best of all, on the top, a breathtaking sight.

A star.

A golden star.

A golden star just like the sun itself.

Truly breathtaking.

New Year Resolutions!

Hey guys!

As you know, 2021 is quickly approaching, and with that, a brand new year😃! A new year isn’t just to signify that yet another unforgettable period of time has passed; it’s also the perfect moment to start fresh and stop some bad habits! I don’t know about you, but just the prospect of a chance to end things I do that I’m not proud about, or launch into something brand new makes me tingle with excitement🤩! It’s like when you turn over a new page in a writing book; the possibilities of what you can write are endless! But in this case, you turn over a new page of your life! These are my three new year’s resolutions:

1. Stop whining about things I don’t have😉

2. Reach 300 followers on my blog🙂

3. Find ways to help my community😃

I have MANY more resolutions, but I won’t write any more on here, the three I’ve shared with you are the most important ones!

What about you? What are your resolutions? In the comments below, write 3 of your ones! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy new year!🥳🤩😆

Drained Body’s

The golden sun dipped down behind the horizon, making the water glisten with the remaining rays of light.

Beige coloured sand stretched for miles, strangely resembling Rapunzel’s hair.

Multicoloured parrots squawked passionately from their trees, forming a bird choir.

Out in the sea, a pool of red had appeared, spreading like wildfire.

Underneath, the gentle waves, a dark, unknown shadow sat.

This wasn’t a person shadow, oh no, it was too tall.

Too wide.

Too big.

Too inhuman.

It was bigger than an apartment.

Bigger than a house.

Larger than the fattest being on Earth.

There was another burst of red.

The oozing liquid seeped around the shadow.

All noises ceased, a did the shadows appearance.

A few moments passed, then something happened.

In the middle of the red ring, a body bobbed up from below.

It was a drained woman carcass…

Hey guys! Down in the comments below, write a word, or a few words that you think describe this blog post! I’d love to hear what you think!


It was a frosty night, the bitter cold whipped against tall, creaking buildings.

The pale moon let off a pathetic dim light, one that did nothing to aid peoples sight.

There were no stars in the sky, leaving it with a bare, empty feel.

The air was crisp and stung your eyes.

On an inky black street, where alley cats lurked, a shadow darted from between two bedraggled trees.

There was another flash as it changed its mind and sneaked behind the other tree.

A lady’s head poked out.

Her tousled blond locks hung around her love heart shaped head.

Her emerald eyes blinked slowly, this way and that, checking to see if anyone was around. She slinked into the middle of the road, pulling her coat tighter around her thin figure.

Her scarlet heels clicked on the pavement, the only audible sound.

She stopped, regaining her posture, and then the most frightening thing happened.

Slowly, coal coloured fog swirled around the woman’s dainty ankles.

The smoke crept up to her knees, then her waist, then her shoulders.

It enveloped her in its darkness.

Her body wasn’t there anymore.

In its place was this thing.

It wasn’t a girl.

Or a boy.

Or anything known.

It was an it.

Blood red eyes with ebony centres, misty hands clenched, strange body shaking.

It disappeared into a cloud of fog, twisting and turning wildly on the air.

A window to a child’s bedroom was open a crack, just enough for the fog to slide through.

It leapt at the chance.

Slyly manoeuvring its self into the room, filling it with blackness.

There was a shriek, a cry of help, but no one there to hear it.

Then it went quiet.

The smoke slipped out again and landed back on the cement.

Then it happened in reverse.

Starting from its head, the fog left, showing the woman’s body encased inside. Her shoulders were visible, then her waist, then her knees.

It was gone.

The lady glanced around and with that, briskly strided off into the night.

It was another day at middle school, a place where queen bee’s came to gossip, and bullies came to bash out.

I trudged through the ancient gates that groaned with each push, and into the lair of the crusty receptionists.

Today I was greeted by grizzly old face blusher.

She’s called this because she always has some nasty comment to make your face look like a tomato.

Here it comes.




“Pull up those pants, I can see the start of your bum crack, people are gonna start shoving coins down there thinking your a piggy bank!”


My cheeks burn crimson, a colour that looks nice on a jumper, but not on your face.

Ignoring her, I pulled my baseball cap lower over my face and kept on walking into the mildew infested hallways.


A voice whispered from behind me.

I feel a tap on my hunched shoulder.

Not a light tap, like one you use when telling someone a secret, it was the kind of tap that is more like a mammoth wacking you with a frying pan.

Hunter Bold.

The kind of guy who has nothing else to do but shove people into walls.

“Hello little buddy.”

He sneers in his axe murderer voice.

Not again.

All of a sudden, I am back inside an empty locker for the 56th time this week.

I rattle the handle, but it’s locked.

Lucky me.


Love isn’t presents.

Love isn’t gifts.

Love isn’t romantic dinners, out where there’s mist.

Love isn’t roses.

Love isn’t things.

Love isn’t a big, fat, shiny diamond ring.

Love is in your heart.

Something you can’t see.

Love is heartfelt, the best of the best.

Love is always there, it never takes a rest.

She had no life.

She had no hope.

She had no motivation.

She was going down life’s slope.

Until she saw that spark.

That gentle glow.

That spark set off.

It let her know,

there is a hope, waiting to be shown.

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