Orange & rainbow earrings

In 2019, I discovered what is now one of my dearest hobbies; jewellery making. Particularly earrings. I have always relished adding something uniquely me to what I wear, and being able to create even the smallest thing, through my eyes, is wonderful. I feel that my inner thoughts and feelings can be so easily expressed in a piece of jewellery, that a finished product clears my mind and sets me up for anything. It seems to boost my confidence to have on a little piece of my work to show the world. The process takes effort, but none and the same time. It challenges creativity while also allowing the mind to take a break and the heart to do the work. Yes, it may sound like the cheesiest thing ever said about earrings, sometimes the cheesiest things are the most meaningful, and sometimes the smallest touches mean a lot more than you would think.

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