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6 Books I Recommend

Do you ever feel the want to read a good book, but you don’t know what book to choose? It seems that all the ones taking up residence on your bookshelf have either been read or just aren’t what your looking for. I’ve been there before, so here is a list of books that I adore and recommend for you to read! 1. The … Read More 6 Books I Recommend

City Noise Everyone moving Around you City Noise Everyone talking Around you City Silence All alone In this world Silence

Close your eyes and listen…..

Beauty, perfection, fame No pain no gain Wishing herself away She knew she couldn’t stay Life looked perfect But was it worth it? Suffering every day Being wasted away

In the middle of a field, stood a tree. It was full of life, yet dead. It was fruitful, yet bore no fruit. This may not make any sense to ones mind; how can something be alive and dead? And how can something have and not have fruit at the same time? Well, this is why. Half of the tree was glorious, speckled with … Read More

What If…

What if….

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