In a meadow not far from where I live is a tree, but this tree is like no other.

It grows apples.

There is nothing quite remarkable about that, as apples grow on many trees, but it also grows oranges.

And bananas, and pomegranates, and cherries, and pears, and every other fruit imaginable.

The fruit isn’t just pretty, it’s also tasty.

The oranges are bursting with juicy pulp, the apples are redder than rubies, the bananas are always moist and delicious, and every other fruit on the tree has something that makes them uniquely brilliant.

Every Saturday, when there is no school, I get to feast on colourful fruit until I feel as if I might burst!

But one day, when I arrived at the tree, I saw something horrible.

All the fruit was GONE!

Underneath the tree, sitting in the shade of the emerald leaves, was a boy!

The boy had clearly eaten all the luscious fruits from the tree.

He was surrounded by apple cores, bananas skins, and peach pips, as well as the remainders of all the other fruits that he gobbled down.

This is not good.

He is about to eat the last fruit!

I need to stop him!

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