On my mind this week:

Recently I have become increasingly aware of my busy days leading me to a sense of frustration and a perceived lack of achievement come the end of the day.

I have read many pieces of advice of how to live in the present, from using nature as our ancestors did and imagining the earth as a great spirit to taking an invigorating run?

Sounds like bullshit to me and many others

but Is this really a problem though, do I need further time consuming activities to add to my seemingly busy day? Or is busyness a state of mind that I have started to use as a badge of courage as many others do?

Is the excuse of being busy a way to avoid doing some key things in my life like actually having a deep conversations with people important to me.

I don’t have three children but if I did could I pause them to re centre my thoughts and take a run or pray or meditate. This is a ridiculous proposition and I do not suggest for a moment that this is what self help writers are advocating.

Could it be that the issue you are facing is not how much you are doing but your attitude in how you are doing it?

Everyone is busy, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

in his essay written in 1932, The philosopher Bertrand Russell commented, work was an overrated virtue. His essay was titled “In praise of idleness” and the concept of embracing idleness has now become a mantra of many. But not everyone can afford to adapt this view of idleness which seemingly has extended unusually to the encouragement by some Of “feeling the presence of the rocks, earth, mountains, streams and lakes.” And pausing your “doing ” to “smell the roses” when You need it. All concepts probably foreign to Mr Russell.

Here’s the small but powerful insight God gave me.

I hope it speaks to you in a helpful way as it did to me. And that is – paying attention living in the present.

When we don’t exercise this act of mindfulness we find ourselves stuck in a mechanised state of living. Going through the motions, tired, waiting for something better tomorrow or next week, or one day when we are retired perhaps, or the day when when the kids leave home. This looking forward is fine if we are not using it as a panacea to do nothing today, to appreciate today to seize the day no matter how simple or mundane it may seem.

Heaven forbid that to add excitement in this time while we wait we indulge ourselves in other distractions such as alcohol, drugs or extra marital relationships. there are many distractions we can indulge in but that in itself is another conversation.

When steps become heavy journeying to get to the end of the day, we need to make a decision, a tiny but profound one, to fully partake of every moment of every day and cherish it for what it is!

Paying attention is a moral act. When you practice it, much deeper connection happens…with yourself and others.

In the midst of what you are doing, choose to pay attention, choose to notice.

It doesn’t take extra time, because whatever task it is you’re doing,you’re doing it already.

It doesn’t take extra time to pay attention to the pleasing colours of the veggies when you are BUSY cooking and To notice which one you find particularly attractive, if not tasty.

It doesn’t take extra time to pay attention to someones body language as you listen to that person with a hope for deeper recognition and connection.

You can think of examples for any BUSY occasion when you can remain in that moment and give and get so much more out of that interaction.

You can imagine sitting in yet another meeting, paying full attention to each speaker, and really listening? Perhaps not so much to the message, which might be quite boring, but to the person who is speaking?

On the outside, paying attention/mindfulness doesn’t look like much. But on the inside, it creates a whole new experience.

You’ll see things anew, have experiences that you didn’t have before, and the magic of every day life will unfold before your eyes. Because there really is magic to be found in the mundane. You just have to look for it.

I would love to share your journey with you and help if I can, just ask

God bless you.

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