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She had no life. She had no hope. She had no motivation. She was going down life’s slope. Until she saw that spark. That gentle glow. That spark set off. It let her know, there is a hope, waiting to be shown.

Run away

Why does the world run away from what we made? Why do we, why do I run away from what we, what I made? Pollution. We run away, acting like it’s just a hoax, a trick. Animal endangerment. We run away, thinking that as long as we’re not hurt it doesn’t matter. Climate change. We run away, trying to stop and help, but it … Read More Run away

Climate change -pollution – endangerment

Don’t look away. Don’t shield your eyes from the truth. Don’t pretend that it’s not up to you, don’t pretend that you have nothing to do with it. I know, you’ve heard this message before, it’s like a daily reminder that is trying to pierce through the fog of your mind. It’s trying to show what you can do, yet we continue to blame … Read More Climate change -pollution – endangerment


23 pairs of eyes are on the clock, watching the seconds tick by…….


Closing your eyes, you take your last breath no plunge into the cloudy waters…..

The ocean

It was a glorious summer day at the beach; the golden sand was warm and inviting, the sky was as blue as ever, and the water glistened like millions of diamonds on a tiara. Hundreds of people dotted the beach, some paddling in the shallows, some just lounging about in the heat of the sun. One child in particular was paddling in the shallows, … Read More The ocean

Battle Scars

Battle Scars….

Winter wonderland

Underneath your feet it lays, sparkling white like crystals; the snow crunching with each footfall. Ponds stay still, covered with a thick sheet of ice; the animals waiting for it to thaw. Shining snowflakes drift down from above, covering the earth with its many layers of beauty. Shards of ice and down from roofs of houses, decorating them with their diamond like looks. Trees … Read More Winter wonderland


Through the lasers, shining bright There it sits, lighting the night The gem is on its way to be taken, Hopefully with out it’s beauty shaken They slip between the deadly lights, Taking things without any rights In their grasp it sparkles and glows, How they got there nobody knows Once again they slip through the beams of light, Giving people a sense of … Read More Robbers

Photo shop

Looking at all the pictures around you, it makes you shrink…..

School Photo

I settle down into a leather armchair and broaden my shoulders. I pat my hair to check for lumps, not that I care. This year, mum was very enthusiastic that I would have a good school photo. By enthusiastic, I mean that she was fussing over my hair every five minutes, and that she gave me a ‘cooling cucumber facial mask’, whatever that was. … Read More School Photo

A frail old man sat on a bench, motionless……

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