Original Photography #1

Photo #1

Hey everyone!

As you probably know, photography is a pretty big thing in the world📷. It can be a wonderful job for some people, express emotions, and be an outlet for bottled up feelings🤣😍🥺.

I am not particularly talented at photography, but along side many others, I enjoy it🤩.

I like to capture little moments and preserve them in time. It’s like having a time machine that can take you to any moment.

And I just love that. Don’t you?

So, I thought, since photography makes me so happy, why don’t I share my little moments with you?!

From now on, I will (as well as other things) post some photos that I like, and maybe you’ll like!

Well, here I go!




Pumping back and forth.

My weary body groans with exhaustion.

I can’t feel anything anymore.

I’m all numb.

I don’t know where I’m going.

Or where I was.

I don’t know anything, except that I have to run.

I have to run.



Faded thoughts washed with newness

Engraved in ink alone it stands

Stumbling I reach to stop the falling of years

The questions unanswered that burn deeper than any brand

I try to help the moment stay longer, I beg it not to leave me alone

Alone and vulnerable to the pains of things etched into stone

Violet La Chelair

Chairs scraped noisily as people leaned this way and that, chattering to the people next to them. Every where you looked, merry faces blabbed all kinds of news to others. The grand hall of the village was now playing host to the village itself, allowing them to hold their monthly meeting.

It was as people started to wonder when the meeting was going to start that something happened. Actually, some one happened. The noise of a squealing microphone reverberated around the room, causing heads to turn, and hands to block ears.

Once the screeching had stopped, and everyone was silent, a jolly, round woman spoke.

“Hello everyone!”

It was Mayor Lisa, the kind, honourable Mayor of the village. Her sparkling brown eyes filled everyone in the room with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.Her butter coloured hair was swept back off her face, tied up in a perfect bun at the back. Everything about Lisa was cheerful, from her flamingo coloured shirt, to her sky blue socks.

She continued to address the crowd.

“Welcome to our monthly meeting,” she said with a soft smile. “Now, before we get started on discussing any future events, I am going to introduce you all to the newest member of our community. She will give a small speech on how she started her own fashion chain. Please give a round of applause for Violet La Chelair.”

The village cheered and clapped, but that all ceased when the sound of clacking heels echoed around the room. A woman stepped on the stage. She then started her walk to the microphone. Violet La Chelair was very tall and thin.

Her inky black hair was cut into a short bob, making her high cheek bones even more emphasised. Her long nails were painted blood red, the same colour as her heels. Draped around her thin body was a marvellous coat, the same colour as her fern green eyes. Underneath her coat she wore a white skirt, the kind you might see flight attendants wearing. Enormous gems dangled from her earlobes, looking like mini chandeliers.To finish her look, she had tied a snow coloured silk scarf around her neck.

When she reached the microphone, she looked hard at the people sitting before her. She then opened her mouth and harshly talked to the audience.

“I am here because of my talent. I am not in this position because of kindness or friendliness, I am in this position because of my utterly incredible gift, and because everyone recognised my awesomeness as soon as I entered this pathetic world.”

Violet was arrogant. She prattled on about how amazing she was until every single being in the town hall was fed up with her.

As soon as she uttered the last word of her time consuming speech, she smiled a devilish smile, expecting to be granted with praise and awe, but she was sorely disappointed.

Instead of smiles, she got tight lipped frowns.

Instead of claps, she got silence.

Instead of eyes sparkling with wonder, she got icy glares.

No one liked Violet La Chelair.

New Day

Twinkling lights danced across the lake, with the grace of a gazelle.

The crisp evening air whipped around, making leaves scurry like field mice.

The drifting leaves placed themselves decoratively all over the water, causing gentle ripples to shimmy their way across the pale liquid.

Golden light seeped through gaps in among the trees who played host to critters and crawlers.

In a second, the sun dipped low behind the horizon, sending a chill across the land.

The dancing lights vanished, and the critters and crawlers lay still, waiting for the breath of a new day.


The cow hopped on the bus, while others made a fuss.

The grass was always green, ‘cause the gardeners were keen.

The bus driver honked his horn, while the passengers started to mourn.

The gardeners kept on pruning, but nature’s efforts they were ruining.

The bus sped along, while the cow sang a song.

The gardeners clipped and clipped, as well as they snipped and snipped.

The cow hopped off the bus, while others made a fuss.

The gardeners stopped being keen, that’s why the grass stopped being green.

The Cheese Hunter

Small frame.

Furry figure.

It’s the cheese hunter.

Large eyes.

Sparkling bright.

It’s the cheese hunter.

Paws rubbing.

Making a plan.

It’s the cheese hunter.

Stepping forward.

Reaching out.

It’s the cheese hunter.

Holding in its paws,

It’s golden reward.

It’s the cheese hunter.

Nibbling contently.

Gazing dreamily.

It’s the cheese hunter.


The day is an endless assault of division and spelling.

My weary mind slaves away, writing word after word, thinking of answer after answer.

Voices drone on, while I struggle to string together words to form a sentence.

Craning my neck, I look up at the ticking clock that hangs proudly on the white wall.

3, 2, 1..

A dull ring echoes through the building, signalling the end of a hard day.

Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I drag my feet to the door.

Relaxation, here I come.

Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe, but….


This is an exiting time for all of us, we can start new things, end bad things, and meet new people, as well as a million other things! I hope that you have a great year this year, and I hope I have one too!

Happy New Year!



Deeper I go, wallowing where no one hears you.

The ground is unstable, its dark folds are enveloping me.

My footing warps again, leading me to another passage, a passage of self-pity, a passage of doubt.

Round a corner of sniffling people, stuck in their miserable worlds, through a corridor of people who grope for your comfort.

I’ve had long enough of wandering endlessly through depression, I’ve had long enough of waiting for an answer.

I’m going to end this now.

So many ways.

So many ways to end this.

The bridge stands there.

It stands tall and proud, looking out over a dark, wave filled sea.

A sea with no mercy.

A sea with no heart.

My fingers clutch at the rail, while my head spins round and round.

I’ve had enough.


I’m standing.

Balancing precariously on the bridges edge, teetering back and forth.

Every noise is blocked out.

I close my eyes, relax my body, my muscles.

It’s done.

The sea and it’s darkness come closer to me, they come nearer.

I’m almost gone.

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

The crisp air whips my face, beating it again and again.

I stop.

Mid-air, supposed to be falling, my body defies gravity.

My eyes snap open.

A glowing light breaks my fall.

A glowing light like no other.

It’s brighter, whiter, stronger.

My mind rushes.

What am I doing?

Why am I here?

What have I done?

Why is my life so close to ending?

The glowing light lifts me up.

It places me back on the bridge, where my fingers grip at the rail.

The glow is gone.

I breath slowly.

I’m okay.

I can start over.

No more destructive thoughts.

No more wandering endlessly, trying to find an answer.

I’m going to start living.

Not scraping by, living.

I am alive.

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys!

MERRY CHRISTMAS🎅🏼!!!! I can’t believe that it’s already Christmas in 2020! I hope that wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you’re doing today will be extra special in every way🤩! This year for Christmas, I will be spending time with my family and people I love🙂! Ok, ok, I’ll also most likely be ripping open gifts like a crazed hyena😉, as well as sipping cocoa while being warmed by my fire. However, I can’t do the last thing, because I don’t have a fire! What about you? What are you doing for Christmas 2020? If you like, write what you’ll be doing in the comments below; I would love to hear from you! Once again,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!⛄️❄️🎁🎅🏼🤶🏼🧤🧣

The Christmas Tree

Delicate ornaments hang gracefully from the trees branches.

The sweet aroma of pine leaves fill the air.

Gifts lay beautifully wrapped underneath it, filling people with excitement to rip them open.

Best of all, on the top, a breathtaking sight.

A star.

A golden star.

A golden star just like the sun itself.

Truly breathtaking.

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