Lost in Winter

Footfalls muffled by numbing snow,

Boots peeking out amidst sinking plains.

Gloves held tight,

Between frozen palms,

Keeping heat from escaping her arms.

Coat tangled up

In little marching legs.

Scarf wrapped tightly,

Hat upon her head.

Pigtails golden

Against the bitter frost.

“Where am I winter?

I think I’m lost.”

Original Jewlery

Black and red marbled drop earrings

Handmade by Sofia

Original Photography

Photo #23

Quotes To Live By

Quote #1

New Year’s resolutions

Hey guys!

I know it’s a bit late for New Year’s resolutions, but as they say, better late than never! I think that the holiday season really kicks my lazy factor into action. That, and the Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies. Christmas sure does taste good! Any way, back to the topic. Here are my New Year’s Resolutions for this year:

1. Be less snarky and quick tempered

2. Admit my mistakes more often

3. Get better at saying sorry

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions you’d like to share? If so, write them in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!


The principal’s office

The principal’s office, a land of despair, the mighty ruler’s evil lair.

Where she sits amid the cries and yells, an ogre in a living hell.

Where darkness reigns and nightmares spawn, and to which the naughty children are drawn.

The principal’s office, a place of delight, where things that are wrong are always set right.

Where she smiles and offers cakes, assuring they are freshly baked.

Where colourful walls and patterned chairs are just as bright as the principal’s pink hair!

Where flowers sprout from here and there and lollies are out for all to share.

The principal’s office, a room of intrigue, where she sits and sighs with a heave.

Where smoke is spewed from corners of the room, and propped against the wall is a flying broom.

Where toads dawdle along with warts on their skin, and in tanks fish swim with glittering fins.

But in the principal’s office is an ordinary place, where you’re sent in honour or disgrace.

An office scented with pencil shavings, and rubbers and ink, and where it is quiet enough to think.

Think about thoughts that turned out to be rubbish, for there’s nothing too scary ‘bout a principal’s office.

Original photography

Photo #22

At the markets

At the markets, a place to be, what a lot of things you can see!

The greengrocer is there with his apples and plums, selling his fruits with a merry little hum.

The baker is there with pastries and cakes, nibbling biscuits in her breaks.

At the markets, a place to be, what a lot of things you can see!

The jeweller is there with his pliers and bag, wiping his gems with a dusty old rag.

The butcher is there with his salamis and hams, asking “Would you like that by the kilo or gram?”

At the markets, a place to be, what a lot of things you can see!

The cheese man is there with his monchago and Brie, giving out testers that are all quite free.

The confectioner is there with his bountiful sweets, offering sugary things to eat.

At the markets, a place to be, what a lot of things you can see!

At the markets, a place to be, there is something for you and something for me.

What will you spend your money on?

What will you spend your money on?

A bracelet for mum? A book on cats?

A rubber duck or a magic hat?

A little toy frog that jumps up and down, or maybe a wig that belongs on a clown?

What will you spend your money on?

A hand knitted scarf? A new game to play?

A soft toy elephant or a bundle of hay?

A fine silver necklace that glistens and gleams or a splendid dolly with eyes that are green?

What will you spend your money on?

A patchwork quilt? A rabbit that sings?

A deck of cards with Queens and Kings?

A kangaroo mother that leaps and jumps or a velvet cushion that’s large and plump?

What will you spend your money on?

A train track set? A Rubik’s cube?

A pair of pants? A worm that moves?

A bottle of soap that smell like roses or a wooden man that can stand in poses?

Or will you buy something not on my list, a pair of new socks or some smelly room mist?

Some fancy shampoo to lather your hair, or a nice picture of a grizzly bear?

Or perhaps you will tuck your money away, and come buy something another day.

Through the trees

Through the trees is a winding path, a road not quite as clear cut as the yellow brick one.

Where bears tap dance gaily and cockatoos sing, where emus write newspapers and cookies they bring.

Where darkness is light and lightness is dim, where lightbulbs change colour and cheshire cats grin.

Through the trees is a winding path, a road full of gypsies and acrobats alike.

Where dancers play flutes and gorillas tightrope, where tigers sip tea and llamas tell jokes.

Where circus tents blaze with patterns and silks, and where painting cows wait in line to be milked.

Through the trees is a winding path, a road speckled with magic and fairies and elves.

Where shiny wings flap in the soft scented breeze, and wizards make magic with a calm sort of ease.

Where warlocks roam free and dance at grand balls, where brownies mix potions that make spiders tall.

Through the trees is a winding path, a road that rings with laughter and clanging bells.

Where tinkling cymbals attract you to stalls, that sell scarves and hair ties, and small rubber balls.

Where tears fall down faces in the utmost glee, where no one or thing is taken seriously.

Through the trees is a winding path, a road caked with patchworks and handmade wares.

Where sellers wave their blankets and pottery cups, where bakers hurry others with a “Hup, hup, hup!”

Where sewn bits and bobs lay strewn across tables, and old tortoise mamas tell much loved fables.

A land full of mischief and confusion and delight, a land that muddles up your left from your right.

A land with paths that twist and turn, a land spilling with flowers and leaves and ferns.

A land inside the only one of me, a land that lays just through the trees.

Original photography

Photo #21

The looking glass

Grasped in her hand was a looking glass, a tale waiting to be unraveled.

Long fingers curled around it’s handle etched with birds and leaves, holding tighter than they seemed to be.

She stroked the glass with her fingertips, longing to disappear within its surface.

She closed her eyes slowly, as though afraid of damaging her lashes if she blinked too quickly.

Her lips, although curvaceous and tinged pink, were chapped and had lost their beauty through a lifetime of fighting bitter fights.

Her hands, although long fingered and desirable, were dry and uncomfortable to their owner, making it even more a miserable affair to whoever had to shake them.

Her overall splendour was masked with obvious depravation of care, in a way portraying her as an item that was past its use by date.

The woman’s eyes traced the shape of the mirror with ease, gliding along it with a gentle tenderness.

With one last sigh she muttered a few words that seemed to drain her energy by saying them.

Her hand’s grip grew limp, and with a final gaze into the looking glasses reflection, she slumped to the ground and drifted off.

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