Run away

Why does the world run away from what we made?

Why do we, why do I run away from what we, what I made?


We run away, acting like it’s just a hoax, a trick.

Animal endangerment.

We run away, thinking that as long as we’re not hurt it doesn’t matter.

Climate change.

We run away, trying to stop and help, but it seems too difficult.


We run away, keep on using it like a tissue that’s past it’s best state.

We don’t have to run away.

If we made it, we can stop it.

Say it to yourself, repeat it to yourself until the words are so real you can practically see them written on every billboard, every sign, every picture, every one.

We can do it. I know we can.

Climate change -pollution – endangerment

Don’t look away.

Don’t shield your eyes from the truth.

Don’t pretend that it’s not up to you, don’t pretend that you have nothing to do with it.

I know, you’ve heard this message before, it’s like a daily reminder that is trying to pierce through the fog of your mind.

It’s trying to show what you can do, yet we continue to blame others.

Listen up.

There is NO planet B.

This is our one shot at life, this is our one sanctuary.

Nothing will change unless WE change.

Unless we open our eyes, unless we push aside procrastination and arrogance, no one is going to do anything.

Do the adults of the world really want their children, their grand children, their great grand children to live in a world crumbling beneath them?

Is that the example you want to set for the coming generations?

That they can’t do any thing just because others won’t?

Why do people get upset when kids and other grown ups stand for what is right?

Do you really want to be that hypocritical person?

The one who complains about what’s happening out there and does nothing?

Or do you want do be the one who sees something and does something about it?

I can’t change your mind, I can’t make the decision for you, but I can try to help.

You be the one to decide.

Future or none.





23 pairs of eyes are on the clock, watching the seconds tick by.

The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, my ears turn a deep Scarlett with anticipation.

Tick, tick, tick.

More seconds disappear.

My eyes water but I dare not blink.

Tapping our feet, picking our nails, we wait silently for our saving grace.

Sweat dribbles down our faces, our thighs stick to the seats we sit on.

3, 2, 1….


23 children clatter to their feet, excitedly.

At long last, the summer break.


Closing your eyes, you take your last breath and plunge into the cloudy waters.

The icy liquid whirls around you, enclosing you in its frigidness.

Your feet swish around underneath you, keeping you up.

All feelings go away.

All worries go away.

Every thing goes away.

Slowly, your eyes open, blinking while getting used to your surroundings.

Broadening your shoulders, you dive down deeper and deeper.

Deeper and deeper.

Deeper and deeper.

The outside world goes away.

Nothing matters any more.

You stop.

It seems that your lungs are empty, your heart starts to throb.

As quick as humanly possible, you thrash through the water, driven by the thought of air.

The light is visible.

It’s there, right in front of you, shining like diamonds.

3, 2, 1…….

Your soggy head bursts through the sea, while your blue lips are open wide, gasping for the breath you’ve been deprived of.

Your face breaks out in a wide, shivering grin.

At last, air.

The ocean

It was a glorious summer day at the beach; the golden sand was warm and inviting, the sky was as blue as ever, and the water glistened like millions of diamonds on a tiara.

Hundreds of people dotted the beach, some paddling in the shallows, some just lounging about in the heat of the sun.

One child in particular was paddling in the shallows, though ever so slowly, she drifted further out to sea.

The child flailed her tiny arms about trying desperately to get her parents attention.

It was no use.

The current pulled her in, like a siren with its enchanting song.

By now, the little girl was left helpless, the ocean in full control of her.

She gasped for air, her head ducking under the water.

The people on the beach looked like ants; it seemed they were miles and miles away, like on another planet.

Out of no where, a strange, tentacle like thing rose out of the water, wrapping itself around the child’s ankle.

The girl opened her mouth to scream, but her leg was yanked before she had time to.

Another tentacle emerged from the water, clinging on to her other leg.

Two more held hostage her arms, and in a moment, they pulled her under water.


Under the surface of the water, it was deathly still.

No noises were audible.

The girl thrashed about, trying to free herself from the creatures grasp.

There was no point.

With one last attempt, the demon of the ocean dragged her down, down, down to her watery grave.

Battle Scars

Battle scars.

It can be a graze or a gash, it can be a scrape or a scratch, but the inner wound always stays fresh.

Each one comes with a story, each one with a tale to tell.

Even if they heal, they will always be visible to you.

Battle scars.

Deeper then the flesh they are, deeper than any pit goes.

Each one with a lesson, each one with a failure, each one with a triumph.

Battle scars.

6 Books I Recommend

Do you ever feel the want to read a good book, but you don’t know what book to choose? It seems that all the ones taking up residence on your bookshelf have either been read or just aren’t what your looking for. I’ve been there before, so here is a list of books that I adore and recommend for you to read!

1. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

2. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin

3. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

4. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

5. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

6. Marley & Me by John Grogan

Winter wonderland

Underneath your feet it lays, sparkling white like crystals; the snow crunching with each footfall.

Ponds stay still, covered with a thick sheet of ice; the animals waiting for it to thaw.

Shining snowflakes drift down from above, covering the earth with its many layers of beauty.

Shards of ice and down from roofs of houses, decorating them with their diamond like looks.

Trees stand bear, only boasting bits of ice and snow that have taken residence in their branches.

I’m truly in a winter wonderland.


Through the lasers, shining bright

There it sits, lighting the night

The gem is on its way to be taken,

Hopefully with out it’s beauty shaken

They slip between the deadly lights,

Taking things without any rights

In their grasp it sparkles and glows,

How they got there nobody knows

Once again they slip through the beams of light,

Giving people a sense of fright

The morning papers are a sight,

Headlines read, “The gem was taken in the night.”

Photo shop

Looking at all the pictures around you, it makes you shrink.

Gorgeous women with glossy hair and red lips stare back at you from the millions of billboards, magazines, adds, and posters decorating our world; their striking looks and long lashes rivalling your own.

This is the problem.


It can make someone a different person to who they were a few moments ago, it can make people accustom to the frequent pangs of yearning to look like that, or this.

It’s not just women.

Men also feel those pangs of yearning to look like someone else.


It can enhance someone’s abs, or make your waist as thin as a wire.

It can make someone’s behind look the size of a beach-ball, or your teeth glowing white.


It’s no only adults.

Before it didn’t happen, but now it’s seeping in to the minds of children.

They look at all those toy catalogues, or adds on TV, and their self confidence it decreasing.

They look at these things, and what do they see?


People who’s true looks are being covered up by a software that drains your face, your body, your uniqueness.

Now, I’m not saying that photoshop is all bad, it can help make beautiful photos, add a special touch that was lacking, but I am saying that it’s not all good.

These past years, kid suicide has increased.

Looking perfect isn’t just something that would be nice to be, it’s something that is threatening you, me, not to mention everyone else in the world!

It’s not something we should just wave away like a fly, it NEEDS to be solved.

These past years, adult suicide has increased.

Having the right body, or having the right shape is a necessity.

People go and PAY others to change the way you look, to change the way your face is shaped.

It’s not something we should just wave away like a fly, it NEEDS to be solved.

We think that beauty is the way we are on the outside, when really all we should care is how we look on the inside.


School Photo

I settle down into a leather armchair and broaden my shoulders.

I pat my hair to check for lumps, not that I care.

This year, mum was very enthusiastic that I would have a good school photo.

By enthusiastic, I mean that she was fussing over my hair every five minutes, and that she gave me a ‘cooling cucumber facial mask’, whatever that was.

Blinking in the lights I look towards the camera lens and readied myself.

Out of the blue my best friend Mimi, who is VERY loud, called out to me,


I glanced over at her, which proved to be a massive mistake.

She started waving her arms about like one of those inflatable tube men that you see at car sales, desperately trying to get me to look back at her.

I didn’t, and so she kept flailing about.

One of her arms hit Kevin,(who is always eating something), and the donut that was grasped in his hand went flying.

It went flying, and landed on the school picture guys shiny bald head.

It started as a giggle, but soon the class was rolling around in hysterical laughter.

I slumped back in the arm chair and started up at the ceiling.

Why me?

I thought hopelessly.

As I stared at the ceiling a fat, round fly buzzed around.


I shrieked.

I am TERRIFIED of anything that flys.

Especially bat man.

It was this moment the picture guy decided to take my picture.

“Smile!” He said in his overly happy, freaky way.


Now I have a photo of myself staring at the ceiling, screaming, with my mouth agape like a fish.

What next?


Look at you.

Look at me.

Look at us.

We are just a speck in the universe, yet we dominate the earth.

The land is teeming with us like bees in a hive.

A few hundred years ago, we were still figuring out life; trying to uncover its many complex layers, but look at us now.

We went too far, pushing boundaries not meant to be pushed, using up what was supposed to last for generations to come.

We broke down what stood tall and crushed it beneath our feet like nothing ever happened.

Look at us now.

We built our villages, our towns and cities.

We built our stores, our companies and manufacturers.

We built machines that effect things like climate change and other people’s lives, and what for?

So look at you.

Look at me.

Look at us.

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