My Chocolate Machine

Did you know I have a chocolate machine?

It gives me chocolate whenever I like, so I eat it a lot.

That’s why I have put lots of weight on.

I can tell I am getting heavier by the way Aunt Lucy strains when carrying me.

I must of put LOADS of weight on, because when lifting me, Aunt Lucy’s face goes red, and her eyes bulge out of her head!

Chocolate machines are fun to have, unless you don’t like chocolate.

They are big and metal,and look like robots.

The only problem with the machine is that they feed ANYONE.

Even my dad, who LOVES chocolate.

And cake.

And fudge.

And jelly.

And pretty much anything with sugar in it.

My dad has a serious sweet tooth.

There are lots of buttons on my machine, but they all seem to do the same thing; produce chocolate.

But that’s fine with me!

I love my chocolate machine!

Jelly Pool

I have a jelly pool and it’s all mine.

A jelly pool is a pool filled with jelly.

I can swim in it whenever I like, and when I jump in shouting, “CANNONBALL!”, the jelly goes, “BLARP!”

In my jelly pool, there are tiny fish who swim about.

I don’t know what their made of, but they sure taste good!

I go to my pool every day, because I train for the jelly Olympics.

My pool is big. Actually it’s GINORMOUS!

It’s even bigger than my dad, which is really saying something.

Not many things are bigger than my dad.

Have you ever tried tap dancing in jelly?

I do it a lot, so I am a professional.

I win lots of medals because of my amazing skills.

Having a jelly pool is also a great reason to wear my swim suit.

My swim suit is very stylish.

Lots of models wear swimmers like mine.

Well at least they would if they went to Kmart, but they probably don’t.

When my mummy and daddy get angry, mummy looks like a tomato, and daddy looks like a mad gorilla.

Come to think about it, daddy always looks like a gorilla.

He is a big hairy man.

They should take a swim in my jelly pool.

It is very relaxing.

Some times, when I get tired of my jelly pool, I take a swim in my pool filled with pudding.

But I am not going to waste my precious time telling you about that.

Let’s just say that exiting the pudding pool is a very messy process that no body needs to see.

I still have pudding in my ears since the last time I went in it.

And if you ever want to swim in my jelly pool, don’t bother coming because I will not let you in.

As well as a jelly tap dancer, I am also a highly trained body guard.

Now, if you don’t mind, I am going to go for a swim in my jelly pool.

By Sofia, NSW

The Winter King

At a click of his finger, rain could be snow.

At a tap of his cane, rivers would be ice.

At a nod of his head, the air could get chilly.

The winter king holds a special power, one that no one else possesses.

He can tame polar bears and wild lynx.

He can turn liquids into solids, and what is toasty warm into icy cold.

He can even make statues, though only from frozen water.

When he glides effortlessly on ice, a frosty trail appears behind him, bending and curving with the graceful movements of his feet.

When he has turned another town into a winter wonderland, a click of his heels and off he’s gone to the next city.

Surely this is the best kind of magic.

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

The Girl And The Mirror

In the hour of midnight, a young girl slipped out of her room and tiptoed into a small basement.

Her delicate figure trembled with the urge to burst into floods of tears.

Anastasia had already gone through so much, and the fact that she was only 14 years old made it worse.

She carefully knelt down in front of a large antique mirror, and stared at her grief stricken reflection.

But this was no ordinary mirror.

This mirror had the power to grant wishes, but it would not always grant them.

Anastasia touched the surface of the mirror and it seemed to ripple like water.

“Please.” She said. “Let me see them again.”

When nothing happened, silent tears began to trickle down her face.

She felt as if her heart was split in two.

The Green Tunnel

As you stare down the mesmerising tunnel, it is as if it’s radiant green shrubbery has put you in a trance.

Surely this is a dream, for this is the stuff of fairy tales.

As your hand brushes past some emerald ferns, it feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

Cool, but not cold.

Warm, but not hot.

Still, but full of life.

You feel confused; Your sure it’s not real, but when your nails pinch you, you do not wake up, instead, a bit skin turns pink and swells slightly.

You hear a patter of little feet behind you.

You swiftly turn around, and standing in front of you is a small light brown bunny, with big curious eyes.

When you try to run, your feet seem to be glued to the lush green grass.

In it’s right hand, the bunny is holding what appears to be a basket of chocolate eggs!

The rabbit takes a step forward and begins to speak.

“Hello. Would you like a chocolate?”

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

The Maker Of Dreams

You stare at the silhouette of the strange blobby figure standing at the end of your bed.

A dream giver.

You have been told the tale of dream givers.

Some are friendly and give you so bubbly and filled with joy, that many people have woken up with the taste of cotton candy in their mouths!

But there are also dream givers who give you horrible dreams, so embarrassing and scary that people have woken up with jolts so forceful that people have fallen out of bed!

You lay completely still, pretending to be asleep and holding your breath to stop the frightened yelp coming out of your mouth, for you have just realised that this is a dream giver of the worst sort.

It has pointy teeth that glint in the moonlight and little horns on the tip of its head which is covered in a thick, straggly mane.

The grime under its nails was enough to beat the top assassin in the worlds record for killing the most people in one go!

It’s beady little eyes darted around the room eyeing up all your belongings.

Suddenly, you cant help let out a little peep of terror.

The dream giver turns, and sets its gaze on YOU……

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

The Defeated Lady Liberty

You stare at the broken city laying in front of you.

What was once a civilised nation, was now a mess beyond belief.

Buildings are half demolished, cars are mashed to a pulp, the remains of trees are scattered around town, concrete pavements are cracked and unstable, and worst of all, the once grand Lady Liberty lying defeated underneath the wreckage.

It’s official: NEW YORK IS FALLING!

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

Stalker Cat

No one hears her as she stalks through the long grass at night.

No one sees her as as she silently sashays along brick walls.

No one feels her as she brushes against your leg.

Even a small rustle in the bushes can trigger her senses to pounce upon the creature that dared to disturb her peace.

No one cares for her, because she is an alley cat.

A street cat.

A loner.

She is by herself, but she doesn’t get hurt by it, it just made her a rebel.

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

Circle of fire

The man burst through the wooden doors and nearly chocked to death on the swirling ash all around him.

He stared motionless at the circle of fire destroying the grand oak floors.

His eyes stung and his heart skipped a beat. This had happened before.

All the memories of that dark, horrible day came flooding back.

The man’s mind raced. She had been so close to him when it happened. She was blinded by smoke when she tripped and fell, and in a flash she was gone.

The man dropped to his knees as his heart ached for her.

What did this mean?

Sophie’s Library

Sophie sat in the big, squishy blue armchair in the corner of a library.

This is where she felt safe, comfortable, and happy.

She snuggled deep down in the marshmallow of a chair and held up a book titled “Oliver Twist” and started to read.

What Sophie did not know, was that while she read contentedly, the room in which she sat in was changing!

The small night light that she used to read with was now a lamppost, the roof over her head started to disappear, and messy stacks of books were beginning to crowd the room!

Slowly, bit by bit, more changes appeared!

Slowly, Sophie lifted her head out of the book and stared around the room.

She blinked her eyes in confusion.

Was she in the right place?

Easter in the eyes of a child

When Easter comes, little children are filled with a bubbly joy.

Kids don’t always know why Easter is the way it is.

Not many young children even think about how Easter came to be.

Most of the time, their main focus is to get the biggest chocolate they can!

When you see them with chocolatey mush all around their mouths, your heart can’t help melting at the sight of something so cute!

But that is what is so naive and adorable about the youngest members of the world!

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

The Blazing House

Origanal story by Sofia New South Wales 2020

You stare at the blazing fire that is scorching your face.

You have tried every thing to escape the tiny apartment set alight with fire.

When you try to scream, no words come out of your gaping mouth.

The fire starts to lick up the walls all around you.

Helplessly, you turn and run into the kitchen and try to turn on the half melted tap, but it is as dry as the Sahara desert.

You take a deap breath and almost choke to death. The ash is starting to swirl all around you like a hurricane.

That’s when you hear the fire truck wailing in the distance.

Then, you black out….

By Sofia

NSW 2020

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