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Philocaly. A Second Response 2008. She Walks Alone

Written almost a decade ago amazing how it resonates today with a close friendShe Walks AloneShe Walks AloneShe walks alone in the raintrying hard to forget the pain,she knows the tears are coming.She glares hatefully at her wristsher handy work in full display, much to her dismaythe scars and memories will never go away.The tears come like a waterfallthere’s no one to callno one cares she’s alone out here.But she has no fearthere’s nothing they can do to her that hasn’t already been doneshe blinks and all of a sudden sees the sunthe end of her hard and lonely road

Looking For Your Face. A Poem of Love

Looking For Your FaceFrom the beginning of my lifeI have been looking for your facebut today I have seen itToday I have seenthe charm, the beauty,the unfathomable graceof the facethat I was looking forToday I have found youand those who laughedand scorned me yesterdayare sorry that they were not lookingas I didI am bewildered by the magnificenceof your beautyand wish to see youwith a hundred eyesMy heart has burned with passionand has searched foreverfor this wondrous beautythat I now beholdI am ashamedto call this love humanand afraid of Godto call it divineYour fragrant breathlike the morning breezehas come to the stillness of the gardenYou have breathed new life into meI have become your sunshineand also your shadowMy soul is screaming in ecstasyEvery fiber of my beingis in love with youYour effulgencehas lit a fire in my heartfor methe earth and skyMy arrow of lovehas arrived at the targetI am in the house of mercyand my heartis a place of prayer

Seacret Australia

The SEACRET Journey

SEACRET is an international business that has spread to more than 40 countries around the globe. With its affiliate partners, it has more than $1 billion in retail product sales. The company has become one of the largest distributors of Dead Sea cosmetics, with its products formulated in the largest manufacturing plant in the world, right next to the shores of the Dead Sea. All of this has been accomplished in just the few years since SEACRET was born in 2005.

Many have asked, “What’s the secret to such incredible success?” The answer is really quite simple. Although our business relies on developing unparalleled, life-changing products that help people improve their look and overall health, our true passion is our community. Our motivation and the foundation of any and all of our success is the people that are SEACRET.

Seacret Store

The SEACRET story begins with two brothers, Moty and Izhak Ben Shabat, who came to America in pursuit of the American dream. Their father’s fondest wish was that his sons would grow a family business in which they could all participate. He truly believed they could make the impossible possible. He sold and gave them everything he had so that his sons could create a legacy that would last for generations to come.

Together the brothers took on the adventure and challenge with 20 of their closest friends to pioneer the kiosk industry. With that support a community of young, passionate entrepreneurs was born. They grew their business from a few kiosks to hundreds across America, sharing the wealth and creating opportunity.

Seacret Store

In 2005, the brothers decided they needed take things to the next level. Growing up near the Dead Sea, Moty and Izhak knew the mystical, therapeutic benefits of the minerals it provided, and decided that America should experience them as well.

They wanted to create stellar products of the highest quality, and set out to create the best Dead Sea products the world would ever know. They soon acquired the product mineral rights from the Israeli government and began manufacturing an innovative Dead Sea skin care line that would bring people as close as possible to the experience of the Dead Sea’s healing qualities. These products would provide instant results and turn first-time users into loyal repeat customers. It was in that dream that SEACRET was born.

Then in 2010 they met Betty Perez. She came to work with SEACRET’s VP, Robert Meirovich, and spearheaded the formation of a local sales force. Betty fell in love with everything about SEACRET — from the unique, luxurious product line that seemed to work miracles on skin, to the international brand it had become. She recognized how the products not only made people look but how they made the customer feel.

Betty believed that taking SEACRET out of malls and into living rooms would be the perfect platform to go viral and getting the world to experience all the benefits of SEACRET products. She told Robert about her idea. Convinced, he took her into their first meeting with Moty and Izhak. After extensive research on the industry the brothers came to discover the incredible potential of Relationship Marketing.

Ultimately they saw the beauty of relationship marketing as a way to fulfill their vision of creating a wealthy community on a grander scale.

Today our goal is to build that lasting legacy and foster an environment in which people can turn hope into a life they love. This is our story. However it’s just the first chapter. We are looking ahead to the many chapters yet to be written – by you. It’s the story millions will read, and that you’ll continue. You can contribute to the legacy, and in doing so become a legend in your own right.

The Australian SEACRET story

In 2014, and beyond, our success here in Australia will continue grow from the passion and support of Australian SEACRET agents just like you – a community of committed, ambitious individuals who believe dreams can come true.

The local branch of the global SEACRET business founded here in mid-2012 and was officially launched in November 2013. At the helm are experienced business people, with a rich experience in the world of direct selling, as well as the marketing knowledge and passion to ensure SEACRET takes its place as a market leader in the world of skin care and cosmetics.

We already have a growing team of local leaders – as well as the proven success of this incredible international brand – to help us take SEACRET’s extensive product range of mineral-rich Dead Sea skin care and cosmetics into the homes and hearts of Australians across the country.

Relationship Marketing is such a powerful tool.

By distributing our products with the support of a local community we:

  • Allow consumers to experience the products at a lesser price
  • Offer the ability to share the wealth with the community
  • Change consumption habits through the power of ‘going social’
  • Offer an incredible business opportunity