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Love isn’t presents. Love isn’t gifts. Love isn’t romantic dinners, out where there’s mist. Love isn’t roses. Love isn’t things. Love isn’t a big, fat, shiny diamond ring. Love is in your heart. Something you can’t see. Love is heartfelt, the best of the best. Love is always there, it never takes a rest.


Through the lasers, shining bright There it sits, lighting the night The gem is on its way to be taken, Hopefully with out it’s beauty shaken They slip between the deadly lights, Taking things without any rights In their grasp it sparkles and glows, How they got there nobody knows Once again they slip through the beams of light, Giving people a sense of … Read More Robbers


Look at you, look at me, look at us……

The cow waited for the bus, while others made a fuss……..

Emptiness Slam Poem

Emptiness, it surrounds you….

Silence (A Poem)

Silence is deafening, it envelopes you in a sensation like no other. It is louder than any humanly audible sound, and nothing needs to be done to make it. No one can feel such a feeling that you feel when silence is in the air. It can come in different forms, like anxiety, fear, happiness, joy, and many other things. Silence is the loudest … Read More Silence (A Poem)

Red (An Acrostic Poem)

R: Red is revolutionary E: Even when the sun is setting, red manages to make dusk look perfect. D: Daring and dashing, is a way to describe it

FATHERS (An Acrostic Poem)

F: Full of inspiration A: Always by your side T: Truthfully loving H: Honest and Kind E: Exiting and Intriguing R: Reliable, Responsible, and Relatable S: Special and unique

Dance (A Poem)

Original Short Poem By Sofia,
Tasmania 2020

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