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Shiny, crackling foil sits, protecting luscious hunks of chocolate. Bunnies peer from tables, while little sweet and sticky eggs peek out from nooks and crannies. They wait and wait, until the moment comes when a chubby hand reaches out and plucks them from their hiding spot. Noise erupts as children (and adults😊) shout with glee at their discovery. Glistening wrappers are removed, their inside … Read More Easter


Hey everyone! Normally, I don’t base posts on myself, but I would really appreciate your advice on something. As you know, I’m a blogger, and writing is my way of expressing emotions that can say locked up like gems in a safe. But lately, I’ve been struggling to produce any posts that really satisfied me or any that continue to spark my creativity. It … Read More Inspiration

Original Photography #4


Original Photography #3


The wind wiped wildly, back and forth, left to right. Big, fat, oozing rain drops plopped down, bathing the moist grass. Flowers drooped under the heavy weight of the rain. The sky was painted an artistic milky grey, the gaps in the colour filled up with a melancholy blue. On a tiny hill made of damp, muddy grass, sat a person. A young girl … Read More Rabbits

Original Photography #2

Original Photography #1

Hey everyone! As you probably know, photography is a pretty big thing in the world📷. It can be a wonderful job for some people, express emotions, and be an outlet for bottled up feelings🤣😍🥺. I am not particularly talented at photography, but along side many others, I enjoy it🤩. I like to capture little moments and preserve them in time. It’s like having a … Read More Original Photography #1

New Year Resolutions!

Hey guys! As you know, 2021 is quickly approaching, and with that, a brand new year😃! A new year isn’t just to signify that yet another unforgettable period of time has passed; it’s also the perfect moment to start fresh and stop some bad habits! I don’t know about you, but just the prospect of a chance to end things I do that I’m … Read More New Year Resolutions!

The Ice Man

An old man stood frozen in a block of ice. All around him were steep mountains covered with blankets of snow. Up so high it was hard to keep warm, so the snow always lasted. His hair wispy and grey, his face a mixture of happiness and confusion, his frail figure reaching subzero temperatures. How the man got there in the first place was … Read More The Ice Man



On my mind this week: Recently I have become increasingly aware of my busy days leading me to a sense of frustration and a perceived lack of achievement come the end of the day. I have read many pieces of advice of how to live in the present, from using nature as our ancestors did and imagining the earth as a great spirit to … Read More FROM FUNCTIONING TO LIVING.


Reciprocity, Meditations on Mother’s Day

As a parent It is quite rewarding to see the qualities God intended developing in your children…Reciprocity

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