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The Ice Man

An old man stood frozen in a block of ice. All around him were steep mountains covered with blankets of snow. Up so high it was hard to keep warm, so the snow always lasted. His hair wispy and grey, his face a mixture of happiness and confusion, his frail figure reaching subzero temperatures. How the man got there in the first place was … Read More The Ice Man



On my mind this week: Recently I have become increasingly aware of my busy days leading me to a sense of frustration and a perceived lack of achievement come the end of the day. I have read many pieces of advice of how to live in the present, from using nature as our ancestors did and imagining the earth as a great spirit to … Read More FROM FUNCTIONING TO LIVING.


Reciprocity, Meditations on Mother’s Day

As a parent It is quite rewarding to see the qualities God intended developing in your children…Reciprocity


The Power of Nettles to Evoke Childhood Memories and Heal the Soul

Growing up with my grandma in a village of the high mountains of the Caucuses, every season heralded a new bounty. The arrival of this bounty decreed a series of steps that were required to be undertaken to fully utilise the earths goodness and to celebrate that time of the years cycle.


A Little About Me

My love is all things aesthetic. My passion is God. Mending souls and not just skin, is the way to celebrate beauty. During the past 20 years I evolved my passions experiencing my artistic visions and self-taught other skills and painting, and more. Inspired by different cultures and stories I to collect unique finds and create inspiring pieces which have stories to tell. I … Read More A Little About Me

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