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The man stood there, frozen in a block of ice. His expression a mix of confusion and happiness, his hair wispy and grey, his weak figure reaching subzero temperatures. If you look closely, eyeing up every inch of him, you can almost see his body trembling because of the frigidness surrounding him. ‘The Ice Man’, people call him, as of the mans current state, … Read More Frozen

Original Photography #10

one day

the breeze will blow one day it will carry your sorrows away. hold on to hope, my love, the breeze will blow one day. the wind will rustle the leaves and… one day


It’s yellow. I’m sure it is. The glowing light which ripples its way through my body. It has to be yellow. Not a bright yellow, not a dark yellow, but a subtle yellow. A yellow with the grace of a dancer, the grace of a feather gliding towards it’s resting place. A warmth that flecks those around it. Little, sunny specks, shimmering like gold, … Read More Yellow

Fake friends

Falling. Waiting for the moment when someone catches you and embraces you in a warm manner. But that moment doesn’t come. You’re left struggling. You’re left to pick up the pieces and drag yourself up to the task of brushing away the hurt, the confusion. Pain. The people surrounding you, influencing you are willing to let you crumble into dust, crumble into a position … Read More Fake friends

Original Photography #9

Original Photography #5

Through the Trees


Shiny, crackling foil sits, protecting luscious hunks of chocolate. Bunnies peer from tables, while little sweet and sticky eggs peek out from nooks and crannies. They wait and wait, until the moment comes when a chubby hand reaches out and plucks them from their hiding spot. Noise erupts as children (and adults😊) shout with glee at their discovery. Glistening wrappers are removed, their inside … Read More Easter


Hey everyone! Normally, I don’t base posts on myself, but I would really appreciate your advice on something. As you know, I’m a blogger, and writing is my way of expressing emotions that can say locked up like gems in a safe. But lately, I’ve been struggling to produce any posts that really satisfied me or any that continue to spark my creativity. It … Read More Inspiration

Original Photography #4


Original Photography #3


The wind wiped wildly, back and forth, left to right. Big, fat, oozing rain drops plopped down, bathing the moist grass. Flowers drooped under the heavy weight of the rain. The sky was painted an artistic milky grey, the gaps in the colour filled up with a melancholy blue. On a tiny hill made of damp, muddy grass, sat a person. A young girl … Read More Rabbits

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