The principal’s office, a land of despair, the mighty ruler’s evil lair.

Where she sits amid the cries and yells, an ogre in a living hell.

Where darkness reigns and nightmares spawn, and to which the naughty children are drawn.

The principal’s office, a place of delight, where things that are wrong are always set right.

Where she smiles and offers cakes, assuring they are freshly baked.

Where colourful walls and patterned chairs are just as bright as the principal’s pink hair!

Where flowers sprout from here and there and lollies are out for all to share.

The principal’s office, a room of intrigue, where she sits and sighs with a heave.

Where smoke is spewed from corners of the room, and propped against the wall is a flying broom.

Where toads dawdle along with warts on their skin, and in tanks fish swim with glittering fins.

But in the principal’s office is an ordinary place, where you’re sent in honour or disgrace.

An office scented with pencil shavings, and rubbers and ink, and where it is quiet enough to think.

Think about thoughts that turned out to be rubbish, for there’s nothing too scary ‘bout a principal’s office.

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