I have a perfect oven, that is perfect in every way.

It looks perfect, and bakes everything perfectly, even if you are a terrible baker.

I am a terrible baker.

I can’t even make a decent cookie, let alone a cake, but ever since I got this oven, I’ve been baking like a pro.

A few days ago, I made a perfect chocolate cake!

That may not sound like much, but the thing is, I missed out pretty much half of the ingredients, including the CHOCOLATE!

And, hey presto! When it came out the oven, it was beautiful!

It was chocolate, moist, and rich, and I didn’t even add any thing related to chocolate!

But today, I was making a sponge cake, and when it came out the oven, it was BURNT.

This has never ever happened before.

Something is wrong with my oven, I started to relies that when green smoke started pouring out of my precious oven!

Oh no….

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