Shiny, crackling foil sits, protecting luscious hunks of chocolate.

Bunnies peer from tables, while little sweet and sticky eggs peek out from nooks and crannies.

They wait and wait, until the moment comes when a chubby hand reaches out and plucks them from their hiding spot.

Noise erupts as children (and adults😊) shout with glee at their discovery.

Glistening wrappers are removed, their inside treat being popped into ready mouths.

Oozing, melted chocolate spreads over delighted tounges, making them tingle with the rich and diverse flavours.

When the chocolate is all dissolved, the consumers are left with the joyful aftertaste, beckoning them to indulge just a little more……

Hello everyone and HAPPY EASTER!!!


Tell me I’m not the only one that feels a bit giddy inside when Easter rolls around (especially when my fridge is stocked with chocolate:). It’s such a lovely event that always flares up my inner child, and flares up my ability to gorge on chocolate without ever seeming full😉. Well, I do seem to get full when my chocolate supply is running low. Surely we’ve all been there before; spread out across the couch, one leg dangling off it while your arm lazes about with melted chocolate on your fingers. I’ve had a wonderful Easter, and I hope you have one too. If you like, write your funniest Easter moment in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!


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