Hey everyone!

Normally, I don’t base posts on myself, but I would really appreciate your advice on something. As you know, I’m a blogger, and writing is my way of expressing emotions that can say locked up like gems in a safe. But lately, I’ve been struggling to produce any posts that really satisfied me or any that continue to spark my creativity. It seems that everything I jot down is fake. It doesn’t come from the heart, it’s coming from the mind. My emotions feel bottled up, like when you shake sparkling water quite aggressively and then refuse to open the lid! The bubbles keep trying, fizzing and hissing, determined to escape; just like how my emotions are trying to burst out of their bottle. Have you ever gone through this before? Do you have any tips or tricks that might help me? If so, please write them down in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for all your support,


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