The wind wiped wildly, back and forth, left to right.

Big, fat, oozing rain drops plopped down, bathing the moist grass.

Flowers drooped under the heavy weight of the rain.

The sky was painted an artistic milky grey, the gaps in the colour filled up with a melancholy blue.

On a tiny hill made of damp, muddy grass, sat a person.

A young girl to be exact.

Her brown eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Her blonde, macaroni coloured hair was tucked under the hood of her raincoat which was the colour of a fern tree.

She hugged her legs to her chest while she waited.

While she waited and watched.

Then it happened.

Sitting in front of the girl was a plain, brown box, shielded from the rain by a rainbow printed umbrella.

In the little brown box was a furry critter.

A furry critter that was a rabbit.

Slowly, second by second, more bundles of fluff appeared!

From 1 to 2, from 3 to 4, all the way up to one adult rabbit, and six babies.

Macaroni hair girl gasped sharply, shocked that anything could be so innocent and fragile.

Six new, grey rabbits hopping about merrily.

It was only now that the bunnies noticed the girl that watched them peacefully.

Cautiously, one by one, the balls of fuzz crept onto the girls lap, nuzzling down in the fabric of her pants.

She sighed.

Six balls of heavenly fluff, all hers.

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