Deeper I go, wallowing where no one hears you.

The ground is unstable, its dark folds are enveloping me.

My footing warps again, leading me to another passage, a passage of self-pity, a passage of doubt.

Round a corner of sniffling people, stuck in their miserable worlds, through a corridor of people who grope for your comfort.

I’ve had long enough of wandering endlessly through depression, I’ve had long enough of waiting for an answer.

I’m going to end this now.

So many ways.

So many ways to end this.

The bridge stands there.

It stands tall and proud, looking out over a dark, wave filled sea.

A sea with no mercy.

A sea with no heart.

My fingers clutch at the rail, while my head spins round and round.

I’ve had enough.


I’m standing.

Balancing precariously on the bridges edge, teetering back and forth.

Every noise is blocked out.

I close my eyes, relax my body, my muscles.

It’s done.

The sea and it’s darkness come closer to me, they come nearer.

I’m almost gone.

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

The crisp air whips my face, beating it again and again.

I stop.

Mid-air, supposed to be falling, my body defies gravity.

My eyes snap open.

A glowing light breaks my fall.

A glowing light like no other.

It’s brighter, whiter, stronger.

My mind rushes.

What am I doing?

Why am I here?

What have I done?

Why is my life so close to ending?

The glowing light lifts me up.

It places me back on the bridge, where my fingers grip at the rail.

The glow is gone.

I breath slowly.

I’m okay.

I can start over.

No more destructive thoughts.

No more wandering endlessly, trying to find an answer.

I’m going to start living.

Not scraping by, living.

I am alive.

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