The golden sun dipped down behind the horizon, making the water glisten with the remaining rays of light.

Beige coloured sand stretched for miles, strangely resembling Rapunzel’s hair.

Multicoloured parrots squawked passionately from their trees, forming a bird choir.

Out in the sea, a pool of red had appeared, spreading like wildfire.

Underneath, the gentle waves, a dark, unknown shadow sat.

This wasn’t a person shadow, oh no, it was too tall.

Too wide.

Too big.

Too inhuman.

It was bigger than an apartment.

Bigger than a house.

Larger than the fattest being on Earth.

There was another burst of red.

The oozing liquid seeped around the shadow.

All noises ceased, a did the shadows appearance.

A few moments passed, then something happened.

In the middle of the red ring, a body bobbed up from below.

It was a drained woman carcass…

Hey guys! Down in the comments below, write a word, or a few words that you think describe this blog post! I’d love to hear what you think!

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