It was a frosty night, the bitter cold whipped against tall, creaking buildings.

The pale moon let off a pathetic dim light, one that did nothing to aid peoples sight.

There were no stars in the sky, leaving it with a bare, empty feel.

The air was crisp and stung your eyes.

On an inky black street, where alley cats lurked, a shadow darted from between two bedraggled trees.

There was another flash as it changed its mind and sneaked behind the other tree.

A lady’s head poked out.

Her tousled blond locks hung around her love heart shaped head.

Her emerald eyes blinked slowly, this way and that, checking to see if anyone was around. She slinked into the middle of the road, pulling her coat tighter around her thin figure.

Her scarlet heels clicked on the pavement, the only audible sound.

She stopped, regaining her posture, and then the most frightening thing happened.

Slowly, coal coloured fog swirled around the woman’s dainty ankles.

The smoke crept up to her knees, then her waist, then her shoulders.

It enveloped her in its darkness.

Her body wasn’t there anymore.

In its place was this thing.

It wasn’t a girl.

Or a boy.

Or anything known.

It was an it.

Blood red eyes with ebony centres, misty hands clenched, strange body shaking.

It disappeared into a cloud of fog, twisting and turning wildly on the air.

A window to a child’s bedroom was open a crack, just enough for the fog to slide through.

It leapt at the chance.

Slyly manoeuvring its self into the room, filling it with blackness.

There was a shriek, a cry of help, but no one there to hear it.

Then it went quiet.

The smoke slipped out again and landed back on the cement.

Then it happened in reverse.

Starting from its head, the fog left, showing the woman’s body encased inside. Her shoulders were visible, then her waist, then her knees.

It was gone.

The lady glanced around and with that, briskly strided off into the night.

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