Closing your eyes, you take your last breath and plunge into the cloudy waters.

The icy liquid whirls around you, enclosing you in its frigidness.

Your feet swish around underneath you, keeping you up.

All feelings go away.

All worries go away.

Every thing goes away.

Slowly, your eyes open, blinking while getting used to your surroundings.

Broadening your shoulders, you dive down deeper and deeper.

Deeper and deeper.

Deeper and deeper.

The outside world goes away.

Nothing matters any more.

You stop.

It seems that your lungs are empty, your heart starts to throb.

As quick as humanly possible, you thrash through the water, driven by the thought of air.

The light is visible.

It’s there, right in front of you, shining like diamonds.

3, 2, 1…….

Your soggy head bursts through the sea, while your blue lips are open wide, gasping for the breath you’ve been deprived of.

Your face breaks out in a wide, shivering grin.

At last, air.

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