It was a glorious summer day at the beach; the golden sand was warm and inviting, the sky was as blue as ever, and the water glistened like millions of diamonds on a tiara.

Hundreds of people dotted the beach, some paddling in the shallows, some just lounging about in the heat of the sun.

One child in particular was paddling in the shallows, though ever so slowly, she drifted further out to sea.

The child flailed her tiny arms about trying desperately to get her parents attention.

It was no use.

The current pulled her in, like a siren with its enchanting song.

By now, the little girl was left helpless, the ocean in full control of her.

She gasped for air, her head ducking under the water.

The people on the beach looked like ants; it seemed they were miles and miles away, like on another planet.

Out of no where, a strange, tentacle like thing rose out of the water, wrapping itself around the child’s ankle.

The girl opened her mouth to scream, but her leg was yanked before she had time to.

Another tentacle emerged from the water, clinging on to her other leg.

Two more held hostage her arms, and in a moment, they pulled her under water.


Under the surface of the water, it was deathly still.

No noises were audible.

The girl thrashed about, trying to free herself from the creatures grasp.

There was no point.

With one last attempt, the demon of the ocean dragged her down, down, down to her watery grave.

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