Looking at all the pictures around you, it makes you shrink.

Gorgeous women with glossy hair and red lips stare back at you from the millions of billboards, magazines, adds, and posters decorating our world; their striking looks and long lashes rivalling your own.

This is the problem.


It can make someone a different person to who they were a few moments ago, it can make people accustom to the frequent pangs of yearning to look like that, or this.

It’s not just women.

Men also feel those pangs of yearning to look like someone else.


It can enhance someone’s abs, or make your waist as thin as a wire.

It can make someone’s behind look the size of a beach-ball, or your teeth glowing white.


It’s no only adults.

Before it didn’t happen, but now it’s seeping in to the minds of children.

They look at all those toy catalogues, or adds on TV, and their self confidence it decreasing.

They look at these things, and what do they see?


People who’s true looks are being covered up by a software that drains your face, your body, your uniqueness.

Now, I’m not saying that photoshop is all bad, it can help make beautiful photos, add a special touch that was lacking, but I am saying that it’s not all good.

These past years, kid suicide has increased.

Looking perfect isn’t just something that would be nice to be, it’s something that is threatening you, me, not to mention everyone else in the world!

It’s not something we should just wave away like a fly, it NEEDS to be solved.

These past years, adult suicide has increased.

Having the right body, or having the right shape is a necessity.

People go and PAY others to change the way you look, to change the way your face is shaped.

It’s not something we should just wave away like a fly, it NEEDS to be solved.

We think that beauty is the way we are on the outside, when really all we should care is how we look on the inside.


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