Emptiness, it surrounds you, fogging up your mind like smoke from a fire, enclosing people in its wrath of emptiness.

Swirling thoughts lock yourself from seeing the bright side, they block you from hearing the right side, emptiness.

When emptiness takes control, of all of you, and your soul, it seems as if people around you are ignoring, blocking, shutting you out, when really that’s not true; you are the one who is ignoring, blocking, shutting them out.

They feel hurt and useless because you are so wrapped up in all the emptiness inside you, you are so wrapped up in the monster you have unleashed upon yourself.


It makes you do terrible things, think terrible things, and have the appearance of a lonely, miserable person, only aware of the things in life not worth living for, not thinking about the things in life that bring you joy and pleasure.

When people start to see the light, start to see the brightness, they reach to it, only to be pulled back down into the pits of emptiness.

What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t care? All these thoughts rush through your head with the sole pupose of filling you with emptiness.

Sadness, depression, loneliness, they all hold you back, stoping you short of your full potential, spreading what is private and confidential.

Emptiness, making you feel like your nothing, when really, emptiness is nothing.

Emptiness is not a thing until you allow it to be; so next time you see that light, that little glimmer of hope, pull it down, hold it tight, and tell yourself that your alright.

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