In the middle of a field, stood a tree.

It was full of life, yet dead.

It was fruitful, yet bore no fruit.

This may not make any sense to ones mind; how can something be alive and dead? And how can something have and not have fruit at the same time?

Well, this is why.

Half of the tree was glorious, speckled with succulent fruits and luscious leaves. It’s soil was moist and rich, caring for the right side of the trees roots, while the left side of the tree displayed the complete and utter opposite.

This half had empty branches, and not a leaf or fruit was in sight. The bark was cracked and dry, with dead moss scattered across its boughs, while the earth that surrounded it was lifeless, and crumbled in your hands like dust.

This was the tree of good and bad, and what happened to that tree one day is too unmentionable to say, so I shan’t tell.

But I will say that what happens includes a farmer, war, and a kind heart.

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