If you happen to find yourself staring out at a bay, you may glimpse a small boat bobbing towards the horizon.

This is a sailors boat, and that sailor has a story like no other.

He was once a happy bloke, filled with cheer and gladness.

He had a love of his life, and little girl too.

They would often spend evenings dancing and singing or playing games.

But one fateful day, his wife and daughter were at the beach, swimming and making sandcastles, when he was informed that a tragic event had taken place.

The strong current had swept the little girl deep in to the water, and slowly, she swallowed more and more salty water, until she drowned.

After a while, the mother realised her child was not paddling in the shallows like she said she would, and was no where in sight.

Panic stricken, the mother raced around the beach, darting from person to person, asking if they had seen a girl with blue eyes and curly brunette hair; but no one had seen her.

The mother dived into the ocean, and paddled as far as she could, hoping her girl would be there.

The woman kept swimming, until she had to stop and take a break, until out of the deep came a monstrous shark, at least 3 metres long.

The shark swallowed up the poor woman, ending her life.

When the man had finished reading the letter containing the series of unfortunate events, his heart skipped a beat, and tears started spurting out of his eyes, running down his cheeks like small rivers.

And ever since that day, the man had been out on his boat every week, determined to prove his wife and daughter were alive, and that the letter was a hoax, even though it truly wasn’t.

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