You run into an empty classroom and slam the door shut behind you.

In one flick of your hand, the door is locked, and you slump against it in exhaustion.

You never thought you were going to be bullied, but now, you can’t deny that you are.

The group of heartless girls that were racing after you are now at the door, pounding it with their fists until it’s wooden frame rattles.

Your heart is thumping so loudly in your ears that you are unable to hear the ruthless school girls noises anymore.

Tears start to trickle down your red cheeks, and you start to feel hot and stuffy.

When you were enrolling in going to your present school, nobody told you that the school was packed full of rotten people like the ones still banging at the door.

Suddenly the loud racket stopped, and a raspy adult voice was coming from outside the door.

It was the principal!

You look up, your face stricken with fear, and the corners of your mouth lift slightly into an awkward half smile half grimace.

Maybe there was hope after all.

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