After winter, when the frost on the cold grass is starting to melt, out comes the Spring queen.

Her copper coloured hair glinting in the sunlight, and her emerald eyes sparkling like jewels.

With one nod of her head, the water returns to liquid, and with a flick of her wrist, the weather becomes warm.

Her smile is so sweet, and her laugh so tinkly and soft that it could melt a snow man.

As she gently walks by, animals come out of hibernation, and start to follow her wherever she goes.

She can charm even the wildest animal, and can sing like the birds the self.

Her radiant beauty isn’t just outward, it is also inward.

The dress she wears is like a meringue, it is puffy and elegant, and it swishes in the breeze.

The Spring queen speaks with intelligence, and she has a calm presence.

No one ever saw a more graceful creature then the Spring Queen.

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