Only once a year does the beauty blossom bloom.

When it blooms, it is as if a tiny piece of heaven is on he earth, as a flower.

But not just any pretty flower, this flower is magnificent.

The petals are a mix of many different pinks, each with a splendid colour.

Some petals are such a creamy pink, that you could easily mistake them for frosting flowers!

Some are blush pink, and some have such intense colours, that they seem unreal!

Only very few peoples eat to see the flower in full bloom, and even if you are at the full bloom ceremony, you probably won’t be able to see it because of all the security guards blocking your way.

The full bloom ceremony is a big deal to presidents, royal familys, and other people of high importance.

It truly is a beautiful flower, and I should know, because I am the flowers gardener.

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