The basement is a scary place.

That’s what I think.

My older sister Jasmine thinks it is not scary in the slightest bit, but then again, Jasmine was probably born on Venus. She’s weird.

The basement is dark and drippy, and full of strange and eery noises.

One time I was in the basement trying to find a tennis ball when A blobby creature started to make odd noises!

Turns out the blobby creature was actually a squeaky chair with an old jacket on it. Mum says I act like a big baby, and that there is no monsters in the basement, but I am determined to prove her wrong.

I HATE the basement.

I always get sent to get something from the basement, no matter how long I hold onto mums leg and have a tantrum. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I go down there about 75 times a WEEK!

It’s so unfair.

I am in the basement right now, because mum told me to get her old make up mirror.


Oh No!

Jasmine locked the basement doors!

This is bad, very bad.

By Sofia,

Tasmania, 2020

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