• 0.5 cup Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 5 tablespoon thick cream


1. Pour the sugar into a pan and turn the stove on medium heat.

2. Keep mixing the sugar until it is liquid. This will take around ten minutes.

3. When melted, turn the stove off. If you like, you can keep the heat on longer for a deeper caramel flavour.

4. Quickly add the butter and cream and stir until combined. (Make sure you add the butter and cream quickly or the sugar will harden.)

5. When fully combined, get a piece of baking paper and pour the caramel into any shapes you like.

6. In a few minutes the caramel will fully harden.

7. Enjoy! You can use this caramel for cake decorations, gifts, eating as candy, or anything you like! And if you want, you can microwave the hard caramel to make a sauce! (Note that the caramel sauce will harden very quickly.)

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