In the house next door lives a wrinkly, grumpy old man.

He has a cat who looks a lot like him.

Well, if he was covered in mangled orange fluff.

The house next door is frail and wobbly, and whoever built it must of had very bad eyesight, because the it looks more like a rubbish dump than somewhere a person lives.

There are rumours that at night, he dances to classical music with a broom.

Some times I fell sorry for him, it must get very lonely in his house with only a cat to comfort him.

But my sympathy is normally broken when he yells at me for squishing an ant.

Maybe he was once an ant; well, a very grumpy one.

He also is constantly throwing his old junk out of his upstairs window!

One time I was late for school because I nearly got crushed by a BATHTUB!

That guy sure is crazy.

The bad thing is that I have to walk past his house to get to the school bus.

But one day, I walked on to the bus, expecting to see the regular bus driver, but I saw something much worse.


There he was.

Evil glint in his eye, cat fur all over his ancient cardigan, yellow teeth, and wispy, grey hair.

“All aboard!” He croaked in a raspy voice.

This was going to be a bad day.

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