When my big sister is at home, I am not allowed to go in her room, but when she is at the shops, or somewhere else, I always go in and take a good look around.

My big sister Emily has a HUGE bed that I like to bounce on, with enormous fluffy pillows that I take naps on when she is out.

She also has some seriously creepy ceramic dolls that I try to steer clear of. Some times it feels like they are staring into my soul.

Mum does not let my wear lipstick for dress ups, but Emily has tons of makeup that I put on in front of her dresser mirror.

One thing that I love to do in Emily’s room, is to put on her clothes and pretend to be a grown up!

But the best thing of all, is when I pretend to be a hunter, and hunt down her cuddly stuffed toys, which she guards as if they were made of gold!

I am in Emily’s room right now, wearing her clothes and lipstick.

Oh oh.

I think she is coming….

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