I am a chocolate snatcher.

Well, not exactly me, but my hands.

My hands cannot resist chocolate.

I always tell them not to steal it, but they won’t listen to me!

And I always get in trouble when my hands sneak chocolate!

Is it really my fault that my hands always share what they steal with me?

The day my evil hands stole the most chocolate, was probably Easter last year, when they stole 3 BIG milk chocolate eggs, and my hands didn’t get in trouble!

Guess who got blamed; ME!

Even though I did eat all the eggs my hands brought, I wasn’t the one who brought them!

Sort of.

Any way, mum just got back from the shops a few minutes ago, and she bought CHOCOLATE!

The thing is, I am not a patient boy; at all.

I do not think I will be able to wait for my chocolate.


That chocolate tasted so good, but now I have to pretend I did not eat it.

Well, I had better go hide now.


By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

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