It was a sunny day at the Counterville fair.

Family’s with beaming children were every were; eating fairy floss, going on rides, buying ice cream, winning prizes, and so on.

Every child had a grin on their faces; all but one.

Violet Vilson was not a normal child.

Most kids laugh, and smile, and have heaps of fun at fairs, but not Violet.

In one way or another, she was different.

Nothing could make her smile; let alone laugh!

Violet was wandering around the fair, without the slightest hint of excitement, staring at her house.

From the fair, you could get a good look at Violet’s dreary house, that resembled Dracula’s lair.

It was an enormous building, tall and rickety, as if it might collapse at any moment.

A few people had even knocked on the door, thinking it was a haunted house ride!

Violet’s peace was broken when a large woman let out a shriek of horror!


Oh no. Not again.

Muttered Violet under her breath.

She started to run.

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

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