Did you know I have a chocolate machine?

It gives me chocolate whenever I like, so I eat it a lot.

That’s why I have put lots of weight on.

I can tell I am getting heavier by the way Aunt Lucy strains when carrying me.

I must of put LOADS of weight on, because when lifting me, Aunt Lucy’s face goes red, and her eyes bulge out of her head!

Chocolate machines are fun to have, unless you don’t like chocolate.

They are big and metal,and look like robots.

The only problem with the machine is that they feed ANYONE.

Even my dad, who LOVES chocolate.

And cake.

And fudge.

And jelly.

And pretty much anything with sugar in it.

My dad has a serious sweet tooth.

There are lots of buttons on my machine, but they all seem to do the same thing; produce chocolate.

But that’s fine with me!

I love my chocolate machine!

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