I have a jelly pool and it’s all mine.

A jelly pool is a pool filled with jelly.

I can swim in it whenever I like, and when I jump in shouting, “CANNONBALL!”, the jelly goes, “BLARP!”

In my jelly pool, there are tiny fish who swim about.

I don’t know what their made of, but they sure taste good!

I go to my pool every day, because I train for the jelly Olympics.

My pool is big. Actually it’s GINORMOUS!

It’s even bigger than my dad, which is really saying something.

Not many things are bigger than my dad.

Have you ever tried tap dancing in jelly?

I do it a lot, so I am a professional.

I win lots of medals because of my amazing skills.

Having a jelly pool is also a great reason to wear my swim suit.

My swim suit is very stylish.

Lots of models wear swimmers like mine.

Well at least they would if they went to Kmart, but they probably don’t.

When my mummy and daddy get angry, mummy looks like a tomato, and daddy looks like a mad gorilla.

Come to think about it, daddy always looks like a gorilla.

He is a big hairy man.

They should take a swim in my jelly pool.

It is very relaxing.

Some times, when I get tired of my jelly pool, I take a swim in my pool filled with pudding.

But I am not going to waste my precious time telling you about that.

Let’s just say that exiting the pudding pool is a very messy process that no body needs to see.

I still have pudding in my ears since the last time I went in it.

And if you ever want to swim in my jelly pool, don’t bother coming because I will not let you in.

As well as a jelly tap dancer, I am also a highly trained body guard.

Now, if you don’t mind, I am going to go for a swim in my jelly pool.

By Sofia, NSW

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