You stare at the silhouette of the strange blobby figure standing at the end of your bed.

A dream giver.

You have been told the tale of dream givers.

Some are friendly and give you so bubbly and filled with joy, that many people have woken up with the taste of cotton candy in their mouths!

But there are also dream givers who give you horrible dreams, so embarrassing and scary that people have woken up with jolts so forceful that people have fallen out of bed!

You lay completely still, pretending to be asleep and holding your breath to stop the frightened yelp coming out of your mouth, for you have just realised that this is a dream giver of the worst sort.

It has pointy teeth that glint in the moonlight and little horns on the tip of its head which is covered in a thick, straggly mane.

The grime under its nails was enough to beat the top assassin in the worlds record for killing the most people in one go!

It’s beady little eyes darted around the room eyeing up all your belongings.

Suddenly, you cant help let out a little peep of terror.

The dream giver turns, and sets its gaze on YOU……

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

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