As you stare down the mesmerising tunnel, it is as if it’s radiant green shrubbery has put you in a trance.

Surely this is a dream, for this is the stuff of fairy tales.

As your hand brushes past some emerald ferns, it feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

Cool, but not cold.

Warm, but not hot.

Still, but full of life.

You feel confused; Your sure it’s not real, but when your nails pinch you, you do not wake up, instead, a bit skin turns pink and swells slightly.

You hear a patter of little feet behind you.

You swiftly turn around, and standing in front of you is a small light brown bunny, with big curious eyes.

When you try to run, your feet seem to be glued to the lush green grass.

In it’s right hand, the bunny is holding what appears to be a basket of chocolate eggs!

The rabbit takes a step forward and begins to speak.

“Hello. Would you like a chocolate?”

By Sofia

New South Wales, 2020

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