COOKING WITH QUINCE AND ESSENTIAL QUINCE RECIPESHave you ever tried cooking with quince? If you have, you’ll know that this fruit doesn’t give away its secrets easily, but that it’s well worth persevering with for the exceptional rewards.What is Quince?There’s something familiar about this volumptuous looking ancient fruit, shaped somewhere between an apple and a pear boasting a bright golden yellow hue when mature.Whether it’s because they’re inedible raw or tricky to break down, quince is not a natural choice when it comes to convenience. But this is an ancient fruit that has stood the test of time against its snack ready siblings, and with reason.Quince RecipesWith a little perserverance and patience, the fragrant sweet perfume of ripened quince is enough to convince the homecook that the tough flesh deserves to be cooked. And once stewed, baked, poached or even turned into jelly and enjoyed with cheese (see below) the soft, floral, rosy and aromatic soft flesh of quince is a whole

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