WATCH ASTRONAUTS HAVE A PIZZA PARTY IN SPACEPHOTO YOUTUBEWhat are you supposed to do when you’re marooned several hundred kilometres above the earth on the International Space Station and you’re really missing your favourite food?Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, who has been up there for over 100 days, casually mentioned that he was missing pizza to his boss during a live broadcast and guess what? All the ingredients for a zero gravity pizza party were sent up onthe next supply ship.The six-person team on board the ISS were sent prepackaged dough, squeezy sauce, spreadable cheese, olives, pepperoni and even anchovies according to Cnet. They then cooked the pizzas in their special onboard ovens.Okay so they don’t look like the best pizzas ever, but imagine how good they would taste after over 100 days without pizza!Watch the astronauts having fun below and further down watch Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfielddemonstrate how to eat chocolate cake in space. Nespoli will be able to e

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