THIS HONEY GLAZED HAM RECIPE TAKES 5 DAYS BUT IT’S SO WORTH ITPHOTO CHEFSTEPSWhile everyone focuses in on the Turkey at the moment we’re finding ourselves drawn to this perfect looking honey glazed ham recipe from ChefSteps.As with all of their creations, the finished results of this honey glazed ham recipe look absolutely delicious but as with all things this tasty, it doesn’t comes easy.THE ULTIMATE HONEY GLAZED HAM RECIPEThe honey glazed ham recipe takes up to five days, thanks to at least 65 hours of brining and 48 hours of super slow sous vide cooking but the team promise the meat will be “fork tender and incredibly flavourful.”It’s that time of year when everyone focuses in on the poultry side of roasted meats, why not opt for something different and go the whole hog with this amazing honey glazed ham recipe.Here’s the video recipe and you can see the full instruction on ChefSteps. SEE MORE AMAZING CHEFSTEPS CONTENT.

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