THIS BENTO BOX IS MADE WITH PURE WAGYU BEEFA company in Japan is offering the ultimate meat delivery with this Wagyu Beef Bento Box that’s packed with 10 pounds of wagyu beef cuts from the Tottori prefecture, a part of Japan famed for its high quality beef.There’s a range of different styles of wagyu in the beef bento box with tenderloin, prime rib, brisket and tongue all included.The box is actually being offered by the Gochikuru food delivery website in Japan and it isn’t cheap.It costs around $2800 and, even with the fresh root wasabi, a pear dipping sauce and the Kinu Musume rice included, that’s a high cost for beef.The box looks cool and we’re sure some meat lovers will take the wallet hit in exchange for a delivery of prime wagyu.Read More: How Much Does Wagyu Cost?

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