GRANT ACHATZ AND NEXT RELEASE 2018 MENU IDEASEvery year we get excited when Grant Achatz and his crew release the latest menu for their ever changing NEXT restaurant in Chicago.The restaurant is constantly evolving with themed menus throughout the year that see the entire team take on the painstaking task of creating an entirely new restaurant experience every time.In a new video posted online the team have revealed the upcoming menu ideas for 2018 and it’s all going a little retrospective. For two of the menus, NEXT will produce Alinea themed restaurants, the first inspired by the Alinea of 2005-2010, the second inspired by the restaurant in 2011-2015.They will also give a nod back to the foundations of gastronomy with two themes dedicated to France: French Classique and French Nouvelle – two menus that will actually work in tangent. The first classical menu will focus on local french traditions and preparations, the second menu will take many of the same dishes and present them th

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