autobiography by patti smith[from CREEM, September 1971]great human wild animal amoral an outlaw keep watch over her I was born in Illinois…mainline of America… beat to shit…Chicago tenement big red eyed rats in the night…dead rats to tease at night Morning…I waited for the organ grinder with my nickel for the monkeys tin cup gingerbread man…cotton candy man bad girl setting fire to the oil cans run like hell escape on the icemans truck I was a limping ugly duck but I had good luck Mama filled me with fantasy…my bears danced at midnight even my toybox had a soul Mama called me her goat girl…little black sheep I loved my brother and sister: Todd and Linda we drank each others blood…we were double blood brothers we rolled in fields…three white wolves…we practised telepathy no one could separate us…our minds were one One, little one eye…I had an eyepatch…I walked like a duck In the years the nursery children cried Quack Quack I didn’t care and didn’t fight bac

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